[ Exhibition ] "appearing"


■タイトル : 坂野充学  "appearing" 
■日程: 2013年11月5日(火)~2013年11月22日(金)
■時間: 10:00 ー 17:00 休み: 月曜日(入場無料)
■会場 : 關渡美術館 1/2 1F ギャラリー 

■TITLE :  Mitsunori Sakano "appearing" 
■PERIOD : Tuesday 5 November - Frinday 22 November , 2013
■Open: 12:00 - 17:00 Closed: Monday(Entrance Free)
■PLACE : Kuandu art museum of fine arts 1/2 1F gallery


[ Artist in residence ] "The Artist-In-Residency Program (AIR) at Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts "


■タイトル :  關渡美術館 アーティストインレジデンスプログラム

■日程: 2013年10月16日(水)~2013年11月15日(金)


■TITLE :  Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts AIR program
■PERIOD : Oct 16,2013-Nov 15,2013

■PLACE : 1 Hsueh-Yuan Road. Peitou. Taipei 112, Taiwan R.O.C

The Artist-In-Residency Program (AIR) at Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts aims to enhance the experience exchange between the national / international artists, university students/tutors and museum/audiences. By having the artists in the museum, it provides a great opportunity for artists and audiences to create a conversation and a platform at the university to share the resource and the learning progress. The Artist-In-Residency Program is open for both national and international artists. Each project lasts from the least two weeks to the maximal two months. We provide the terrific artist studio and the working facility to the artists as well as a strong team based from the museum staffs is supported. From 2005, various visual artists from all over the world have been continually participated in the AIR program. Through the public events that had been held by KdMoFA (such as "Artist Talk", "Open Studio", "Artist Workshop" and the "Presenting Exhibition" ), they allowed themselves to present the works and share the experiences of practice with students during their resident time at the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts.

[ Group Exhibition ] " What is alternative? Festival or mountain? "


■タイトル : 祭りか?山か?
■日程: 2012年12月1日(土)~2013年1月27日(日)
■時間: 13:00 ー 19:00
■会場 :拝借景(茨城県取手市井野1-8-1)
art space /bar conflictable cube(コンフリ)(茨城県取手市新町2-5-5ARTOS1F)
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■TITLE :  What is alternative? Festival or mountain?
■PERIOD : Dec 1,2012-Jan 27,2013
■Open: 13:00  ̄ 19:00
■PLACE : Haisyakkei(1-8-1 Ino Toride-Shi Ibaraki-Ken Japan)
art space /bar conflictable cube(RTOS1F 2-5-5 Shin-machi Toride-Shi Ibaraki-Ken Japan)
Gallery Road(The access way linking the east and west sides of JR Toride sta.)
vacant row houses(around Haisyakkei)
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[ Review ] review article on "artscape"


[ Solo Exhibition ] " visible breath "


■タイトル : 坂野充学 個展  "visible breath" 
■日程: 2012年10月14日(日)~2012年11月04日(日)
■時間: 12:00 ー 19:00 休み: 火曜日(入場無料)
■会場 : 3331 Arts Chiyoda メインギャラリー B 
オープニングパーティー : 10月14日 18:00~

■オープニングトーク : 10月14日 (日) 16:00-17:30
■参加費: 1,000円(1ドリンク付き)

■TITLE :  Mitsunori Sakano "visible breath" 
■PERIOD : Sunday 14 October - Sunday 4 November , 2012
■Open: 12:00  ̄ 19:00 Closed: Tuesday(Entrance Free)
■PLACE : 3331 Arts Chiyoda Main Gallery B 
Opening party : Sunday 14 October 18:00~
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Opening talk : 14th October (Sun) 16:00-17:30

Guest: Meruro Washida(Curator of 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa)
Admission:1000 yen(includes 1 drink)
An opening talk to be held by Mitsunori Sakano in conversation with special guest Meruro Washida. Here the discussion will examine the art projects of Tsurugi, the passing down and transformation of its traditional arts, and the production process behind the work in this exhibition while also considering the possibilities of moving image.
Following the talk, a small opening party will be held.

[Talk Show] 「Local×Global」 @森の楽校(Morinogakko)


■Date: Sun 22 July, 2012  13:00 - 17:00

森の楽校(Morinogakko) is an independent cultural space situated in Mitaka city in Japan.

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[ Screening ] L'EXPÉRIENCE JAPONAISE 2011(France)


■Date : 28,29 - 30 May , 2011
more info: L’Expérience Japonaise
gaite LYRIQUE :



[ Release ] " W m e " digital release

The Japanese music download site OTOTOY releaesed ten volume charity compilation entitled Play for Japan. Each volume will sell for ¥1000, payments accepted by credit card. 95% of proceeds will go to the Japanese Red Cross, while 5 % will go to cover credit card processing fees (except in the case that the contributed song is managed by copyrights, in which case, 87.3% of the proceeds will go to charity, 7.7% to royalties, and 5% to processing fees).

[ Release ] BEEP DEEP BEEP digital release