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box faced

Medium: Video installation
Format: VHS(PAL)
Duration: .8 min ( loop )
Material: 4 lifesized photo print, Box object, TV monitor, Video player
Sound: stereo




Year: 1998

In a dimly-lit space there is an object made up of portrait photos of a the inner workings of a television taken from all directions. Amidst the sound of static playing in the space the voice of a woman whispering the words "TV - Reality Black - White Truth - False Face - Back You -I" can occasionally be heard. The image on the TV is finely tuned so that it won't give off any light even in darkness and so that only when the face of the continually-speaking man suddenly changes into static will the viewer realize it is a television screen. We talk about TV a lot in our daily lives. TV shows and serial dramas are a common language for us, and speaking of them is one of the few instances of shared awareness with others. This video installation piece takes as its theme the opaque duality of "information" and "emotion" found in the increasingly vague interactions of modern society.